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If you are building a directory website, one of the #1 options to consider is the wordpress cms. There are lots of ready made themes, which you can buy to get up and running quickly. Some of the most versatile and easiest wordpress directory themes are those built on the BePro Listings plugin. Download BePro Listings for free and view our WordPress Directory Themes here


Examples like bycater.ca and maritimetransit.com, demo what you can do on the 100% FREE BePro Listings platform. This means that they come with lots of features including, google maps, ajax search & filter, several listing templates, and ability to categorize everything. This is a complete toolset for getting started with your wordpress directory. The good news is that the directory themes cost $1 one dollar


Our beprosoftware.com Directory themes for wordpress have all of the same features as the premium themes you pay $60 for. The difference is the modular approach to BePro Listings. The features are spread throughout addons which you can purchase. This approach is beneficial for you, allowing you to test the base product for free or with one of our themes for $1. When you are happy with BePro Listings, you are able to quickly expand with features that are important to your website.


Because these themes are built on the BePro Listings platform, they have a plethora of upgrade options available. Choose options which add features like, video uploads, charging for featured listings, showcasing your authors, and engaging / measuring your customer's social interaction. This gives you lots of opportunity to expand your foundation when you are ready. One of the best features of these themes is that they only cost $1 one dollar and they all work on BePro Listings. This makes switich wordpress themes extreamly simple and cost effective. You wont have to transfer any content or risk loosing any data. Simply upload the new $1 one dollar wordpress theme to your website and activate it.


If you are building a directory focused website then you are probably looking at the WordPress CMS. The best themes for building a wordpress directory are those built using the 100% FREE BePro Listings plugin. On that architechture, you have the ability to quickly add features and / or change designs. A great example is our Business directory theme bycater.ca. No other solution for wordpress has this many free and paid features. This type of flexibility is unheard of for wordpress directory plugins and themes.


The Importance Of Facebook and Its 'Like' Button

Getting likes on Facebook is one of the best ways of getting noticed in the world of social media marketing. The need for likes on FB is a brilliant platform for getting brand exposure, communicating with the target audience and cultivating relationships. The 'like' feature can be compared to word-of-mouth marketing, which is the main component for determining the success of a FB Page. A page that gets liked by someone is displayed in the newsfeed of the liker and their friends. If you want, you can buy Facebook likes from www.likesocialfans.com.

Here are a few important points that explains why your company needs 'likes':

Interaction with customers
With Facebook, businesses can have a valuable opportunity of interacting with their customers. It not only allows you to converse with your existent customers but with the prospective ones as well. Facebook allows you to showcase your products and services and get an immediate feedback as well, thus, making your customers aware of your forthcoming releases. However, for this you should make sure that your FB Page makes your customer happy and content with a regular stream of inside information, offers, events and promotion.

Loyal Fans
A Page on Facebook allows your business to develop a brand loyalty for itself. This is a result of the FB Page of your company and its fans that inspire a sense of community. You can post links to your site on the FB Page and insert content that is pertinent to your business. This content can be telling your customers about the proceedings that could be going on in your business. This is much like customer interaction, with the only difference, that the fans of a page get to see the information as a fan, and are entitled to offers and discounts.

A personal touch
This is one of the greatest things that a small business can enjoy by marketing itself on Facebook. You get to talk, chat and share information directly with your customers. This way your customers are always kept updated about the various events that are going on within your business, who in turn, offers feedback through the Social Media forum. This personal touch that you establish using Facebook is invaluable.

SEO services
Having a FB Page for your business helps you enhance your SEO skills. The reason behind this is that the posts and links that you put on FB is indexed by different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. With proper search engine optimization your site gradually gets going to the top of the SERPs or search engine result pages. The cauldron of SEO can also include associated hashtags, buzz words and 'tags'. Other user's associated words, links, pictures, articles, etc. can contribute towards improving the webpage and search engine rankings of your company.

Facebook is presently the most popular social networking site that has more than a billion users. Marketing your business there is certainly a good idea. So, buck up and start enhancing your FB marketing strategy; buy Facebook likes from www.likesocialfans.com , you will surely not regret it.


Taxi to Ayia Napa

From Larnaca airport to the party town of Ayia Napa!

You have booked your holiday in Cyprus also your flight, but there is something you forgot until now. To book your taxi from the airport to Ayia Napa. If you are not going to the holiday with a tour agent, booking a taxi is your best choice. You will probably ask why?

The answer is simple. There is no buses from the airport to Napa. The only one existing option is to book a taxi from larnaca airport to ayia napa. When you do it you will enjoy a ride on a new model air-conditioned Mercedes. Cyprus Taxi
Taxi to Ayia Napa Cyprus

So do not hesitate, take your taxi and enjoy a great holiday in Ayia Napa Cyprus.

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