Clash of Clans Hack

Since its release two years ago, the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Clash of Clans has enjoyed soaring popularity among gamers. The game’s success is evident in the profits earned by creator Supercell. $101 million in 2012 for the games first few months of availability was impressive enough, but it was followed by $892 million of posted earnings for 2013.

What is Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans allows players to build a medieval looking village that must be fortified and defended. Players can form teams, or clans, for greater strength in attacking the villages of other players. Improvements are made through mining gold and gems in order to build up a village and support troops. A player’s stash is increased more quickly by defeating other players in a clan war.

The winner of a clan war is awarded some of their opponent’s resources and trophies. Buildings and walls will be unaffected, even if they were damaged in battle. They simply reappear upon completion of the war. Mines and storage areas that are damaged in a battle lead to a loss of stored resources. Through strategically designing village defenses and having a strong army, a player becomes victorious in battle and rises through the Clash of Clans levels.

How can I win?

Clash of Clans is fairly well-known for its lack of hacking opportunities, so if you are looking for a fool-proof Clash of Clans hack you may have a long search. However, these tips can help you win battles more often and meet your personal gaming objectives.

This is a game that allows for subjective gaming goals. Some players move through the levels or collect trophies. Others choose to set personal goals with self-imposed limitations, such as not using gems. Therefore, “winning” can be difficult to define. Whatever your Clash of Clans goal, these tips can help.

  • Upgrade defenses before attacking. If you attack with weak defenses, your opponent will have better troops. Your level will not be able to increase without upgraded defenses.
  • A new trap has just been added that releases a group of skeletons.They distract attacking troops, giving your towers an advantage.
  • If you place your builders’ huts on the far corners of your village layout, attacking troops have a hard time destroying them in their limited amount of time.
  • Get the barbarian king as soon as you have the opportunity. It can attack other bases or defend your own.